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What happens when the heart of the one that you love the most belongs to someone else? What are you to do when your mind is screaming for you to walk away, yet your heart is breaking at the mere thought of living without the love of your life? Those are just a couple of the questions that Rachel, Kayla, and Domiano will need to answer in this tale of forbidden love and lust.
Rachel has had her fair share of rocky relationships but feels that she’s finally found ‘the one’. To outsiders he’s the one that lied and cheated on her and the one that she should let go, but Rachel knows that although he is flawed, Domiano is the only man for her. The fact that he’s her ex and is in a new relationship with someone else will do nothing to deter Rachel from getting her man back.
Kayla is in love with a man that possesses all of the qualities that she could ever ask for. He’s loving, affectionate, great in bed and supports her as best he can financially, but there is one problem; He’s engaged to another woman whom he plans to spend the rest of his life with. As much as she knows that he’ll never be hers, Kayla can’t seem to leave him alone for good.
Domiano is already caught between two women, yet he still finds time to carry a flame for his best friend’s fiancée. Although he knows that she’ll never be his, he can’t hide the love that he feels for her. He’s kept his not-so-secret feelings for her at bay for multiple years, but when the opportunity presents itself will he finally make the move to make her his woman? Has she been feeling the same way about him all along or has he just been imagining that she loves him just as much as he loves her?
Then there’s Chanté and Greg. While they’re deeply in love with each other, they’re both harboring secrets that are deep enough to shatter even the strongest of bonds. They’ve had their ups and downs over the years but things are finally falling into place. Chanté is ready to spend the rest of her life with Greg and is confident that he is ready to do the same with her.
Greg knows that he hasn’t always been the kind of man that Chanté deserves, but he’s finally ready to turn his life of lying and cheating around. While he is doing just about everything that he can to be the best man that he can, he can’t seem to let go of another woman that has a serious hold on a piece of his heart.
In this tale of love, lust, lies and deception, the one thing that everyone seems to be seeking is the hardest thing for them to find.

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