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Money Over Errythang-FOR KINDLE ONLY

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Suddenly becoming the heir to her father's empire, it doesn't take long for Imani's pain and greed to make way for her alter ego, Money, to take her rightful seat on the throne. After all, she'd been groomed for this moment from the day she was born.
The money and power are hers by default, but Money will have to earn the respect of the streets, especially the men that feel they should be in her place. Her father made it look easy, yet it's anything but.
Power struggles and betrayal are par for the course as Imani transforms into one of the most impulsive and ruthless queen pens the streets have ever seen. Determined to stay on top, nothing and no one will stand in her way, not even the man that steals her heart.
Join Imani on her dangerous journey and you'll discover that sometimes it's not the people who change, it's the mask that falls off.

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